Living in the ‘real’ world isn’t always easyLiving in the ‘real’ world isn’t always easy

When I was growing up I always said I couldn’t wait to move out and be in the “real world.” I hated having to share things with my siblings and having to get permission from my parents to do most anything.
As soon as I could move out on my own I did. My sister and I got our own house together after she moved up here from Corpus Christi. I loved it at first. I didn’t have a curfew or have to listen to what anyone said. I could do whatever it was I wanted, but that didn’t last long. My sister and I fought a lot growing up, so of course once we moved in together I was worried. Even though we had some really rough patches it worked out great in the end for the both of us.
I no longer live with my sister. She has now moved back to Corpus Christi. I now stay at my boyfriend’s house or my parents. Although I stay with my parents it doesn’t make it feel like I’m not on my own. I still have to pay for rent, food, gas and everything else I want.
My parents help me when I need it but I don’t like to ask for it often. They also pay my cell phone bill and my car insurance but that’s only until I graduate.
For someone living in the “real world” I have learned it isn’t as easy as our parents make it out to be. Between time, money, fun and rest it can get stressful.
As time has gone on since I moved out of my parents’ house, I have realized the “real world” isn’t always that easy. There are bills always to be paid, you always need food and gas in the car. All these things are needed when you have the least amount of money in your bank account, or so it seems that way.
As a full-time student at KC, a writer for The Flare and part-time employee at Cavender’s, I think I have learned how to balance time. The first couple semesters were hard for me due to my lack of time management, but I have managed to get better at it. I’m not going to say I’m always great at managing time, but I can say compared to how I used to, I’ve gotten pretty good at it.
When it comes to fun I often feel like I never have any until I sit back and look at everything I do. I love going to the racetrack on Saturday nights or taking photos or even just laying around watching a movie with my boyfriend, Chris.
Chris has helped me learn how balance many things on my plate, since he was at one time where I am now in my life. He really has been a big support to me with everything I do. When it comes time for him to go racing or just work on the race car I always want to be there with him. Even if I’m only holding the flashlight for him while he works on the car. My parents and siblings have always and will always be the backbone to my support team. They have always been able to pick me up when I’m down and when I need it knock me down, too.
With so much going on in my life right now, I often wonder how will I ever be able to handle being a wife and mother one day, not that I’m planning that anytime soon.
I am happy to be living in the “real world,” but at times it can be very hard and not fair. Who ever said life was fair?

Tory Van Blarcum is a journalism major from Corpus Christi.