KC – Longview gets a facelift

Tory Van Blarcum
Features Editor

Many changes are taking place at KC-Longview.

Some parking has moved, plants have been removed, flooring has changed in some areas and much more.

“The main reasons for the renovations are comfort, aesthetics, ease of maintenance, and more efficient administrative and student services,” Julie Fowler, executive Dean said.

Most of the renovations are nearly complete, except for some small details, Fowler said.

• With new positions available on campus comes the need for more offices. So one new office is being built to house the executive dean. In doing so, some exterior doors have been removed and replaced with glass windows.

“The closure of the door of the new dean’s office, will provide extra seating for students,” Fowler said.

• The automatic door was moved to the patio entrance to ensure wheelchair access.

• Along with the automatic door moving so did some handicap parking. The handicap and visitor spots have moved to the Hendrix parking lot on the west side of campus.

“The traffic flow will be changed so that it moves one way in front of the building,” Fowler said.

• The KCPD office’s door has been relocated, and the office has been painted and the floors have been resurfaced.

• The statue, overgrown shrubs and raised flowerbed have all been removed.

“They were creating an unsafe environment since someone could hide among these overgrown plants,” said Fowler.

• Air conditioning systems have been redefined so that uncomfortable areas will have their own units and thermostats.

• Most of the carpet around campus has been removed and replaced with laminate flooring.

The changes that are being made around the campus will affect anyone who attends the campus.

“I hope this will affect students in a very positive way,” Fowler said.