Grammy tweet overload lands student in cyber jail

As a student with a future career in social media and public relations and a knack for pop culture, I was in heaven as the 56th Annual Grammy Awards aired this past Sunday.

The night of every award show I make sure my MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad Mini are charged and ready for a night of excessive tweeting and blog reading.

On Sunday I experienced the dreaded “Twitter Jail” for the first time since I opened my account in 2008.

It sounds like I have a problem, but not in the way where I post what I am doing at every second of the day; but in the way that allows me to know what is going on in the world politically, what trends are in, why everyone is freaking out about Justin Bieber and share my thoughts. But during award shows, I do tweet quite a few times…

One gets to this scary penitentiary by exceeding 100 tweets in a short amount of time. By doing so one is not allowed to retweet or tweet for one-to-three hours.

Thankfully, my sentence was only one hour.

During this hour, I realized that people were actually paying attention to me.

Of course my friends retweeted, favorited and mentioned me, but in addition and way more importantly people already in the industry were taking notice of my feed.

It is crazy to think that by a simple hashtag, a social media director in Wales, Public Relations company in Los Angeles and a journalist for Cosmopolitan can interact with a random college student tweeting from her couch in a small town in Texas.

Through this process I lost one follower, someone who probably did not care that Lorde’s movements during her performance reminded me of a zombie.

But, I also gained six followers, which comprised of people who were all either working in the media or working toward it.

I think it is so cool that you find people, and they can find you, who share the same interests just by tweeting.

Even if you never get a response out of them, it is still cool to know that a PR maven favorited one of your tweets.

And if you do not have any friends who think that was cool, you can share it with your friends on Twitter who do think it is cool.

Something that you all should think is cool, Van Cliburn (i.e. Van Cliburn Auditorium) was recognized in the Grammy’s “In Memoriam.” It was crazy to watch the reel and suddenly see someone that impacted KC among all of the legends and talents featured.


Ashley Morales is a sophomore journalism major from Longview.