Instructor evaluations available after finals

Dezirae Burnett
Assistant Editor

Following the completion of final exams, students are asked to fill out instructor evaluations surveys before the semester concludes.
Evaluations can be filled out online by going to and clicking on the “Catalog and Schedules” drop-down tab. Then select the fifth option on the drop-down menu, “Course Syllabi, Instructor Vita (HB 2504) and Course Evaluations. After clicking this tab, select the “filling out your instructor/course evaluations” option.
At this point, students should enter their username, which is the first four letters of their last name, the first four letters of their first name, and the last four digits of their student ID number.
The login password is Student (with a capital “S”) followed by the two digit month of their birthday and the two digit day.
Finally, select the “Take Survey” option for the class(es)/instructor(s) to be evaluated.
The surveys, which are specified in House Bill 2504 to be completed for classes with enrollment of five or more students, provide students with an opportunity to give their instructors feedback on the quality of their teaching, classroom environment, approach to teaching, course difficulty, etc.