Demolition schedule set for LA building after years of neglect

Kassidy Taylor
Web Editor

It is finally official. The Liberal Arts building is coming down.
On Monday night, KC Board of Trustees approved a demolition schedule.
The work will begin as soon as the Fall Semester ends on Dec. 13.
“I am excited that we finally have a schedule and a plan to remove the Liberal Arts building,” KC President Bill Holda said. “Hopefully by the spring, the building will be gone.”
According to a timeline provided by ERI Consulting, Inc. of Tyler, the first step after a contractor is approved by the board in early December will be asbestos abatement.
The abatement will take until the end of January to complete.
The demolition contractor will begin building safety fences around the LA building right before Christmas. The granite benches on the south walkway will be moved.
The LA building was built in 1957 and has been vacant for many years; however in 2008, the second floor as well as a small portion of the first floor were briefly opened for classes.
The debate of whether or not the building would be demolished has been underway for nearly 30 years.
The demolition will end a week after classes resume from Spring Break in late March. The board has not yet discussed the plans for the space now occupied by the LA building.