Powder Puff football ends, flag football begins

Staff Writer 

The Red Divas won last Tuesday‘s Powder Puff football tournament.  Five teams participated and many fans came out to support.

Ross Costanzo, assistant director of student life said he was pleased with the participation.

“It turned out great; all the girls had fun,” Costanzo said. “It got pretty rowdy at times but it was nice to see them mingle with one another and hopefully they made some new friends.”

The men’s flag football tournament continues at 6 p.m. Tuesday at R.E. St. John Memorial Stadium.

The Juggernauts will face The Police Academy in the last first-round game.

The winner will face Squad in the second round of the winners bracket and the losing team will face Beast Mode in the semi-finals of the losers bracket.

The Loony Tunes will play We Are White Oak in the semi-finals of the losers bracket, and the following Tuesday The Ruff Riders will play The Back Ups in the second round of the winners bracket.