Living on farm teaches city girl important lessons

Kassidy Taylor by JamieM
Kassidy taylor
Web Editor

Growing up on a farm isn’t the ideal environment for a city girl to grow up in, but it sure does give you an outline for how to gain a strong work ethic.

I was not happy about moving from San Antonio to East Texas and living in the country, but a lot of good things came out of it. For example, building relationships with my animals.

Coming home every single day to 17 dogs is a unique experience.

The dogs will get into the trash, have accidents in the house, tear up a pair of shoes they found, and not even care that they might be in trouble when their owner gets home. They’re only happy to see you.

My dogs are Cooter, Pepper, Rio, Lily, Tobi, Hank, Niobi, V, Val, Inspector Gadget, Siren, Tia, Clementine, Thor, Zeus, Winter and Snow.

The worst part about living on a farm is having to deal with animals that are in danger.

In the early morning hours, on a very cold December morning, my mom came in my room and told me that one of our horses was drowning.

It was hard for me to imagine that a horse could be drowning, especially in one of our two extremely shallow ponds. I put on my boots and coat to went to help our horse, Padre.

When you love someone or something, you will sacrifice whatever you have to help that person or thing. I had to sacrifice my warmth and dry clothes to help Padre.

It was tough seeing Padre so weak and helpless. I had to put my tears away and walk out to the middle of the pond in the freezing water only to find out there was a large, muddy sinkhole there.

Padre had gotten stuck and became too weak to move any farther. I stayed with Padre for nearly an hour in the water keeping his head up until my father could come home from work and help pull Padre out with his truck.

Despite everything we had done, Padre didn’t make it because his body was in shock.

I would give every last thing I have in order to take care of my animals. They mean the world to me. You have to put away your security blanket and get your hands dirty. The animals are not only your pets, they are your family members.

Kassidy Taylor is a freshman journalism major from Ore City.