Chorale performs Oct. 8 in Longview

Web Editor

The KC Chorale and the Camerata Singers will perform at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 8, at Trinity Episcopal Church, 906 Padon St. in Longview.

Dr. Jim Taylor will direct the concert, which will include Gregorian chant, Renaissance Polyphony, classical music by Mozart and Debussy, church music of John Rutter, folk songs and spirituals, and jazz vocals by the Camerata Singers with a rhythm section.

Soloists include Kristen Threadgill, Dr. Bill Holda and Mark Horner.

“(The soloists) are singing on the Mozart piece only, and we had a separate rehearsal last Friday, since the solos and the chorus alternate in this particular movement,” Taylor said. “The solos are difficult and able to be performed well only by trained professionals. Often we have students doing solos, but not in this case.”

The concert is free of charge.