Student busted for smoking pot on campus

Senior Writer

A student was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia on Oct. 9 in the Stark Hall parking lot.

Jaylon Brown, Spring freshman, was allegedly found smoking marijuana along with Michael Wolfe, Hempstead freshman, and Demarcus Collins, Shreveport continuing education student, inside of Collin’s vehicle around 10 p.m., police reported.

Lt. Tony Means was the first officer on the scene after receiving a call about students smoking on campus.

Due to the fact that he was the only officer on campus at the time, he placed a call to the Kilgore Police Department for backup in case he had to search the vehicle.

“Only Mr. Brown was arrested because he ’fessed up that the marijuana we found was his. The City of Kilgore transported him for me,” Means said.

“It was a very small amount… We charged him with the lowest charge because he was somewhat honest and he did not have a criminal history.”

A Black & Mild box was found along with the small amount of marijuana underneath the console of the truck.

Upon the request of Means, Officer Amos Griffin Owings transported Brown to the Kilgore Municipal Court Jail, because the charge was a Class C misdemeanor. A Class B misdemeanor, which is possession of marijuana, would have had to been given in order for Brown to be taken to the Gregg County Jail.

Means said Wolfe and Collins admitted to smoking with Brown, but because Brown said the marijuana was his, the other two students were not charged or arrested.

“The law reads that if there are three or four people inside a vehicle and we found some type of drugs and neither person admitted to it being theirs, then we could arrest and charge everyone,” Means said. “We advised Brown of that and he went ahead and said ‘it was mine.’”

After the campus housing authorities held a hearing last Thursday Wolfe and Collins were given 24 hours to remove their things from Stark Hall due to the zero tolerance policy on campus.

“Brown was not kicked out of housing because his parents went and made bond to get him out of jail and then immediately came and withdrew him from KC before a meeting could be held on his consequences,” Means said.

Means added this is the second incident of the semester where a student was arrested for drugs.