SGA withering away

The purpose of Student Government Association is to lead a healthier institution and better experience for all students, according to the American Student Government Association website.

The last issue of The Flare for the Spring 2013 Semester included an editorial describing SGA’s need to increase its presence on campus.

The Your View question exemplified that need, with 76 percent of surveyed students stating that they were not aware of the SGA and its role on campus.

This year 79 percent of students surveyed stated they were not aware of SGA and its role on campus.

SGA is comprises of an Executive Board, a House of Representatives and members who communicate with students and address student needs, concerns and social well-being, as well as serving as representatives to the administration to make a difference on campus and in the community.

Until this week, all positions have been vacant and, because of a lack of members the Executive Board, will be selected by Edward Williams, director of residential life.

Ross Costanzo, assistant director of student life, said five students will be elected to fill these positions sometime this week. The organization has two other members.

Seven students out of 5,920 does not seem sufficient to voice the opinions of all students.

We believe if SGA does not construct a stronger foundation, there will no longer be an SGA at KC. If no one participates in this organization, it will go away without anyone noticing.

The club page on the KC website has not been updated since 2011. It still lists the Executive Board for that school year.

KC needs students who want to be involved in the KC community and make it better as a whole.

Also in last semester’s issue, Costanzo said he hoped SGA would reach out to other students by including representatives from each club and organization on campus.

That is easier said than done.

In order to attract potential SGA members from other student organizations, current members will need to be more adamant about raising awareness of its existence on campus, such as sending a member to other club meetings.

If you are interested in joining SGA, call Costanzo at 903-988-7504 or email