Despite loss, KC still can finish with strong season

I was on the sidelines as the Rangers warmed up and got ready to play against their archrival, Tyler Junior College Apaches.

As I watched, you could see the focus and determination on all of the players’ faces.

Even though the game didn’t count toward their conference record, this game was still a big deal. It was the 114th time the teams have battled.

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When the Rangers found themselves down 21-0 at the end of the first quarter the players seemed in shock. Everything that could go wrong for KC did go wrong.

Turnovers, miscommunication and lack of discipline dug KC in a hole that they couldn’t get out of.

To make matters worse, I noticed that most of the crowd was leaving the stands at the start of the third quarter. Did t

hat stick in the minds of the players?

From my prospective as a former player, I don’t think you would feel good seeing most of the crowd leave in the middle of the game.

I realize that the Rangerettes are the first-ever dance and drill team, and that during the third quarter might be the only time they get to see their families and friends, but this is Texas, a football state, and you would think the fans would stay and support their team at least until the fourth quarter.

Being that the team is mostly freshmen, I think they aren’t used to seeing most of their home crowd leave right after halftime.

Unfortunately, things got worse for the Rangers. The Ranger defense was put in a bad spot during the game due to multiple turnovers and penalties. Was conditioning a factor? Were they just not mentally or physically prepared?

There are many uncertainties about this year’s football team going into conference play.

There were a lot of voices heard, but there wasn’t one leader who stood out and took charge.

Even though KC lost badly, there were signs that this team can do something special.

There were good plays here and there, but as Coach J.J. Eckert said, “We can’t be good sometimes; we have to strive to be good all the time.”

There wasn’t much finger pointing and blaming others. The players as well as the coaches know that there is a lot of work to be done if they want to have a successful season.

Last year KC won the first six games before its first loss.

It will be interesting to see how the Rangers will respond to a thus-far winless start.

There is a lot of room for improvement  before the next time.

Miles Marable is a sophomore journalism major from Richardson.