Some reading, writing classes integrated

Staff Writer

KC is in the second year of offering integrated courses in developmental reading and writing.

Students have the current option to take the classes separately or integrated through Fall 2013; however, as of Fall 2014 students will have to take the integrated class. Students who are eligible for the integrated class are students who qualify for both ENGL 0308 and READ 0308.

Instructor Dawn Apple has taught the integrated classes for the past year.

“The integrated classes provide a better way to learn two subjects that go hand-in-hand,” Apple said. “I prefer to teach the integrated classes, and I feel the students benefit in several ways by taking them.”

Students can also save money by covering two classes while paying for only one.

“Language arts is offered all through grade school covering more than one subject, and it makes sense to do the same for remedial classes at Kilgore College,” Apple said.

The downside to taking the integrated class is that there is a heavier workload as the curriculum includes reading and writing in one class. Also, students having to meet hour requirements for financial aid may have to add another class to meet the required hours.

Reading and writing are the only integrated subjects currently offered.

Students who successfully complete the integrated class are eligible for ENGL 1301.