Registration open for minis

Staff Writer

A student can earn three to four credit hours in 15 days by completing a May mini-semester class. Registration runs until May 14 in the counseling center in the Devall Student Center, or in the KC-Longview Office. Online registration is available at

A student can take only one mini- semester class and must meet all the requirements to take the course.

Classes are scheduled for May 15-30, 8:30 a.m.-noon Monday-Friday. The cost of a mini-semester is charged per credit hour.

Students may attend a class after the May 14 deadline if they pay a late fee.

Taking a mini-semester is a “way to get something done quickly between spring and summer sessions,” said Pam Gatton, director of counseling.

The following classes are offered in the May mini-semester:

BCIS-1305, GOVT-2305, HIST-1301, HIST-2311, HRPO-2307, KINE-1238 , MUSI-1306, PHIL-1301, PSYC-2314, SPCH-1318, TECA-1354 and GEOL-2407.