Expand SGA plan 2013


ut of about 6,000 students, 16 of those students make up the Student Government Association, five officers and 11 members.

SGA needs more of a presence on campus.

SGA should work toward the common goal of making KC even better than what it is today.

The KC SGA comprises of elected student representatives who provide a forum for student input, assist in the coordination of student activities and voice opinions to the administration in developing policies that affect students.

The SGA provides support to student clubs and organizations. Current SGA officers  elect new officers every spring semester to fill vacancies.

According to the KC SGA Constitution, this organization should be made up of an “Executive Board, a House of Representatives and members.”  If you ask us, 16 members do not seem adequate to voice the opinions of the students, but how can SGA help our college if our students will not get involved?

SGA meets every week during the semester. Members gather to talk about issues concerning the college and discuss plans for events on campus. Students are always welcomed and encouraged to attend these meetings to allow the Executive Board to listen to concerns or suggestions.

We believe a strong SGA will make our entire institution stronger. A more student-involved SGA can help KC recruit new students, retain existing students and improve overall student and alumni involvement.

Ross Costanzo, assistant director of student life, says next year he hopes SGA will reach out to other students by having representatives from each club and organization on campus.

We need leaders, students who take pride in the KC community, students who want to be involved and students who want to better the college as a whole.

We hope that SGA members will work to involve their peers in some form of extracurricular activities with the ultimate goal of enhancing the college experience and instilling more school spirit.