Pepper spray incident still under investigation

Staff Writer

Following Saturday night’s emotional basketball game between KC and Navarro, tensions ran high leading two KCPD officers to pepper spray the Navarro team.

After the Rangers’ victory, KC students made their way to center court and began loudly celebrating.

This did not sit well with some of the Navarro fans who verbalized their disapproval.

According to KCPD police reports, the Navarro players entered their locker room before trying to come back out onto the court. Officers directed the players to return to the locker room. A second attempt to go back out on the court resulted in Corporal Charles Horton and Lieutenant Tony Means pepper spraying the team.

Martin Pessink, KCPD chief, is  looking into the incident.

“I will be doing an evaluation of the officers’ control measures to make sure that they were in compliance with department policy and state law,” said Pessink.

According to KCPD reports, a Navarro player removed his shirt and made threatening comments to an officer.

The use of pepper spray may have actually prevented further escalation.

“The officers had to use control measures to get this  situation under control before it escalated into a riot,” Pessink said.

Outside Masters Gym fans from both teams exchanged unpleasant words while KCPD officers directed the crowd. No physical incidents occurred between fans.

The investigation into the use of pepper spray is ongoing.

No KC players, coaches or fans were involved.