New math classes planned

Co-Executive Editor

KC has been selected as one of nine Texas community colleges to be a co-development partner with the Dana Center at University of Texas in Austin to pilot a new math pathways program. KC will offer two co-requisites classes in Fall 2013.

Students eligible for Math 0306 may register for the new program. This program will allow students to complete a developmental math class, Frameworks for Mathematics and Collegiate Learning (EDUC 1300), and a student success course, Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning MATH 0406, during the fall semester then take Statistics 1342 in the spring semester.

“It’s basically a study skills class (EDUC 1300). The only difference is, it is college level,” said Marianne Baker, mathematics department chair.

These courses are designed for students who need only statistics for their degree plan. These degree plans include nursing, psychology, art, music, history, government, English, sociology and others.

“Students need to know what major they are going to be studying. They have to know that they only need statistics,” Baker said. “They need to contact an adviser or their university to see if it (the statistics course) will count as the only math credit they will need.”

Students will be allowed to register for these courses during early enrollment beginning April 8.  There are 25 seats available in each class section with two sections in each course. Students will not be able to register for this course online. They must register with a counselor and obtain special permission to be in the course.

“We don’t want the wrong students in this course,” Baker said. “We want to make sure that they need this class and only this class. It’s designed to shorten the number of developmental classes students would need to take.”