Lady Rangers take another tough loss

Sports Editor

The Lady Rangers are 10-11 overall and 5-8 in conference after losing the last six of seven games and having four straight losses.

“We’re just getting beat,” said head coach Roy Thomas. “We had a chance to win three out of four of those games. Hopefully we’ll learn from that.”

The Lady Rangers fell to the Lady Bucs in a 72-61 battle on Wednesday.

“It was a tough loss,” said guard Keira Phipps. “But we’re just trying to stay motivated and get out of this losing streak.”

Going into this game Thomas  described the mood as being good, but tough because two starters are not healthy due to injuries.

“We can’t feel sorry for ourselves,” Thomas said. “We just need to get a good start and build confidence.”

Phipps and Gabrielle Jackson both suffered injuries from previous games and Thomas was not sure if they would be back for the Blinn matchup. However, both players managed to pull it together, scoring a combined total of 18 points.

At the break KC was down by five with the halftime score of 31-36. The Lady Rangers’ top scorer was Bladine N’goran with 13 points. Close behind were Amanda Lawson, Billingsley and Jackson with 10 points each. Phipps and Destiny Coley added eight and four, respectively. Tanisha Winston, Ceiara Jimmerson and Maria Leaks contributed two points each.

Forward Demoneyca Spivey said the Lady Rangers have to play better as a team and learn each other’s strengths.

“Each game is do or die,” Spivey said. “We have to keep our spirits up and move on to the next game.”

The Lady Rangers will take on the Lady Jaguars of Jacksonville 4 p.m. Saturday in Jacksonville.

“I’m glad our next games are road games, so we don’t have to worry about the home crowd telling the ladies to shoot,” Thomas said. “Everyone yells shoot, shoot and that’s not what we need.”


PARIS-47 vs. KC-33

Falling to Paris (9-16 overall  and 4-9 conference) Saturday losing 47-33,  gave the Lady Rangers their third loss in a row.

“14-65 from the field that’s 21 percent,” said head coach Roy Thomas. “Who are you going to beat shooting 20 percent?”

The Lady Rangers shot 50 percent from the free throw line making, five of their 10 attempts. The post players were one for seven, and the guards completed nine of their 35 attempts.

Amanda Lawson was the leading scorer for the Lady Rangers. Victoria Billingsley and Tanisha Winston each had six points. Keira Phipps contributed four points to the Lady Rangers while Cieara Jimmerson, Bladine N’goran and Demoneyca Spivey all had two points.

“If you shoot bad and create turnovers then bad things happen,” Thomas said. “We just need to shoot better and play better defense.”