Holda’s contract renewed; President eyes debt reduction, other goals as retirement nears

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The KC Board of Trustees has renewed the contract for Dr. Bill Holda, KC president who will complete 17 years as president this summer, keeping him the college’s longest-tenured president.

“I never intended to be president, let alone the longest serving president. It just happened that way,” Holda said.

Over the course of Holda’s career he has achieved many goals and has many more etched on his current agenda.

He plans to deal with the college’s outstanding debt regarding the bond for the student center. The college pays around $300,000-$400,000 each year, and this debt is projected to be eliminated by 2017 or 2018.

He also wants to significantly improve each student’s success rate, both in the classroom and after graduation.

“I want to look at all of the metrics related to student success. First, we set some base lines and then we set goals or targets for improvements,” Holda said.

Examples of success may include, but are not limited to, students successfully completing: developmental classes and entering college-level classes, first college-level reading, writing or mathematics classes, core curriculum and transferring or entering the workforce.

Holda also has a goal to significantly raise the alternate sources of revenue, aiming  to raise $25 million over the next five years.

“The goal of raising $25 million in five years is ambitious, but achievable,” Holda said. “Philanthropic investment in the college holds the most promise for creating alternate sources of revenue.”

He is also striving to leave in place a group of well-trained and well-prepared leaders for KC’s future.

“Individuals can lead from any position. Most of what is, is by default. Sometimes it only takes one person to effect change,” Holda said. “KC has a large contingent of ‘Baby Boomers,’ most of whom will be retiring within the next 10 years and the college needs emerging leaders at every level. We want to be proud of one another, our commitment to caring, innovation and excellence.”

Holda also wants to leave behind a culture that truly exemplifies what the college believes in.

“A student-centered culture that is exemplified by caring, excellence, innovation and continuous improvement is what I would like to experience throughout the entire institution,” Holda said.

He believes changing the culture of the college will be the most challenging goal in the coming years.

Aside from committing himself to all of these goals, Holda works off campus as well.

As the current chair of the board of the Texas Association of Community Colleges, Holda advocates for all of the colleges, provides testimony before various Senate and House committees, as well as to various individual legislators.

During the legislative session, Holda finds himself traveling to Austin quite a bit — spending approximately 28 nights away from home — representing KC and the Texas community colleges.

Holda  does not intend on retiring after this year.

“I hope to work at least three or more years, and if things go well, expect to complete 20 or more years as president,”  Holda said.

As an accomplished and respected man, Holda wishes to be remembered as a man who truly made a difference; a man who became president of KC and changed the place for the better, leaving this institution in a much better state than which he found it; and finally, that he did the best he could, always acting in the best interest of KC.

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