All-state concert nears

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Five students from the KC Ranger Band have been selected to the Texas Community College All-State Band:

Callyeon Bristow on French Horn, John Wells on trombone,  James Thomas on clarinet, Brandon McFarland on French Horn and David Wilson on trombone. Wilson will not be able to attend. Thomas and McFarland also made the All-State Band last year.

In order to be selected, students send in a recorded CD to be judged. Submissions come from all over the state. KC Band Director Glenn Wells said there are strict rules regarding the recordings, including a ban on any enhancing technology.

“In other words, you can’t record multiple times and take the best parts of each recordings and dub them together,” Wells said.

The students will travel to San Antonio on Feb. 13 to re-audition for chair positions and begin rehearsals. The band will rehearse about two and a half days and perform 5:30 p.m.  Saturday, Feb. 16.

The Community College All-State Band Concert is  held during the Texas Music Educators Conference. The program includes showcasing musicians from middle school, high school and college bands. Last year was the first time in more than 10 years the Ranger Band had attended.

“I am very proud of our students who have put forth the additional effort to work up extensive music to audition,” Wells said. “I truly believe that this tryout and performance opportunity is an advantage for them and the Ranger Band as well.”

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