Alert tests set Friday

Staff Writer

A test of the new campus security alert system is scheduled for around 10:55 a.m. Friday, March, 1.

This spring KC began changing over from the Ranger Alert System to the third party vendor Rave Alert System. The new system will take advantage of text messages, phone, email, social media and digital display distribution to communicate emergency protocol to students.

The system is designed to inform students of steps to take during various emergency situations. In the event of inclement weather, a fire, shooting or any other dangerous situation students will receive alerts to help ensure their safety.

Dr. Mike Jenkins, vice president of student development, stressed the importance of the new system.

“Information is power, so students who sign up will be the students who have the information in a crisis,” Jenkins said. “I strongly recommend all students sign up.”

Jenkins assured students that the system will only be used for emergency situations and not for advertising KC events.

To register, students need to go through Campus Connect and click on the Rave Alert button, enter their cell phone number in the “Register Mobile Phone”  box. NOTE: No spaces or dashes are necessary.

The Rave Alert Screen will refresh and a “Confirm Code” box will appear. Additionally, students will receive a text message on their phone containing a confirmation code which they need to enter into the “Confirm Code” box on the Rave Alert Screen.

A second text message will confirm registration and provide instructions on how to opt out of the system should a student choose to do so.

To verify that students are subscribed to the Rave Alert System, they need to log in to Campus Connect. A message will display on the screen indicating if the student is registered.  Click on the Rave Alert button to confirm registration.

If a student is already registered but not confirmed, click the Rave Alert button and then click the re-send confirm code. Upon receiving confirmation code via text, follow the steps above.

All KC student e-mail addresses are automatically registered in the system. For those who choose not to register personal cell phone, emergency messages will be delivered to their KC email account.