Despite frustrations, education best route to success

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After high school most young adults just want to relax and enjoy their newfound freedom, free of textbooks and exams. Many recent high school graduates find it difficult to attend a college or trade school after four years of homework, reading assignments and lectures.

This reaction is normal and may soon pass as one prepares for college. But what if it does not pass?

Not many seem to look at the big picture. If they further their education they will also further their success in life.

I always excelled in school being on the A and B Honor Roll and later a member of the National Honor Society. The problem was I never became a fan of school. The constant studying and homework assignments made school much more of a chore. I found it difficult at times to study because I wanted to spend my evenings bike riding, watching my favorite television shows or reading a book of choice. Instead of enjoying my hobbies, I spent my evenings cramped up in my room with a textbook.

As I got older it became even more difficult to focus because those hobbies soon turned into parties and hanging out with friends. Despite my dislike for school, I remained a good student and my grandmother daily encouraged me to do my best. These words of encouragement kept me focused and determined to keep her proud.

So how do students stay focused on their education when so many others around them don’t care or aren’t as enthusiastic about their future? This is not to say that if you don’t complete high school or attend college that you will not be successful, but by doing so you are increasing your chances of higher pay, a great career and a nice lifestyle. Statistics show that on average students with a two year degree earn $50,000 compared to a student with a high school education who earns a mere $23,000 working a full-time job.

We see celebrities on TV entertaining us and that’s exactly what they are, entertainers. Everyone is not gifted enough to become a rapper, singer, athlete or fall into celebrity status by accident.

For those of us that are not so gifted, education may be the only alternative we have at success. I will admit that it is difficult for me to stay focused on my college career when so many of my peers are content with just working a job that may or may not lead to advancement. I envy the free time they have outside of work because they don’t have to occupy their extra time with lectures and class assignments.

Then on the other hand, I think about all the rewards I will receive when I complete my degrees and work in a career I enjoy.

I am still not a fan a school. I get frustrated, overwhelmed and irritated at times but I continue to stay as focused as I can to get my assignments completed.

It is important to befriend people who share your similar interests on education and success. Surround yourself with positive, focused people who encourage you to stay on the right path. You, too, should also to be a voice of encouragement to others. Set goals and challenge yourself to complete these goals in a timely manner.

Envision yourself really enjoying life. Think about vacations to the Bahamas or traveling to another country for a job assignment.

Remember that education is the key to success.

Tameka Bullard is a sophomore communications major from Jefferson.

2 thoughts on “Despite frustrations, education best route to success

  • July 19, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    Great article. I am going to share with my incoming TRIO students this year!

  • September 26, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    I am glad that you wrote this from your point of view. Many students/people do not understand/value an education. Here you gave a good point about future earnings and how this will impact your life (later on).

    I really do hope and pray that people will read this article and take it to heart.

    Thankyou for writing and pushing forward in the face of (parties and free time) 🙂



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