From sea to shining sea

Randi Vinson-Davis / THE FLARE || Veteran Jordan Moss spent three and a half years in the Navy before coming to KC. Moss rose to the rank of Logistic Specialist third-class before completing his contractual duties in 2010.

Travis Hull
Staff Writer

Jordan Moss, Gladewater sophomore, is not your stereotypical college student. In fact, he has seen more of the world than most and has overcome obstacles many people will never have to face in their lives.

Moss, 27, spent three and a half years in the Navy with more than a year on the open ocean, defending freedom from pirates off the coast of Somalia and even more time training his mind and body to perform his duties at standards laid down for generations.

Jordan is a sailor, freedom fighter, Navy veteran and now a KC student.

After growing up and finishing high school in San Antonio at Blessed Hope Academy, Moss proceeded to work at various restaurants, telemarketing and construction jobs for a few years before deciding to enlist in the military.

“I joined the Navy to get my life on track. I knew if not a career [in the Navy], I would have my education paid for,” he said.

The Navy gave him the opportunity to learn marketable skills and to use these skills while meeting people in other countries, like Israel and Italy while participating port visits, pier/ship security. While on board the destroyer USS James E. Williams, Moss rose to the rank of Logistic Specialist third-class, and in the summer of 2010 he completed his contractual duties to the U.S. Navy and decided to follow his family to East Texas and attend KC as a mass communications major.

Many college students come directly from high school and have little outside world experiences to depend on. This is not the case for Moss.

When he came to KC he already had priceless training and experiences in an adult world.

“I kind of laugh when I hear people so stressed over school work, because to me it’s a relief compared to the hours and work done in the service,” he said.

The relationships he made with others while in training in Chicago and also while working on the destroyer, are still maintained. One of whom is his current girlfriend he met serving on the destroyer.

Because of his service to our country, Moss can go to any state college on the Navy’s bill.

“It’s nice having that GI bill to take care of all the costs of school,” Moss said.

He plans to focus on a mass communications major and writing when he transfers to a university after he graduates from KC.

After his training and services to the nation, Moss now feels a deeper empathy for other veterans like his grandfather who earned a bronze star in Korea during World War II.

“The service gave me a greater appreciation for life in America. You realize after traveling the world just how good we have it here,” Moss said. “We are fortunate to live in a place where terrorist violence is a tragedy and not a daily occurrence.”

Jordan Moss has gained skills necessary for college and for the adult world. His confidence and wisdom are reflections of his example as an American patriot.

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