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It takes six steps to fill out your instructor’s survey and about five minutes to complete the survey. Part of the House Bill 2504 specifies that classes with an enrollment of five or more students should fill out the teacher survey online.

By completing the teacher evaluation survey, it shows if the instructors are doing an effective job or not.

“As the instructor’s supervisor, you can look at the highest marks and the lowest marks on the survey to have something to discuss with the instructor,” said Dr. Gerald Stanglin, vice president of instruction.

Here are the steps to fill out the survey:

First: Go to

Second: Click on the drop down list Catalog & Schedules

Third: Click the last option, Course Syllabi, Instructor Vita (HB 2504) and Course Evaluations.

Fourth: Then click the option “filling out your instructor/course evaluations”

Fifth: Type in your username which is the first four digits of your last name, the first four digits of your first name and the last four digits of your student ID number. The password is Student (with a capital “S” followed by the two-digit month and day of your birthday (Ex: Student1104 for someone born on Nov. 4)

Six: Click the “Take Survey” button for the class you wish to survey.

Last year, the survey received 12,000 responses, which is a 27 percent response responds rate.

This survey gives students an opportunity to rate their classroom experiences.

“It is not perfect, but you are hearing from [the students] who took the course and experienced the entire class from beginning to end,” Stanglin said. “They have a unique view and need to be heard.”

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