Tech expertise plus for new TRiO assistant

Kris Dobbins / THE FLARE || New TRiO assistant director Dennis Cliborn brings 15 years of experience at KC to the program for first-generation college students. Cliborn previously served as coordinator of media services. Cliborn, who often volunteered to help TRiO students in the past, said he wanted to return to the student development field.

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Dennis Cliborn, former coordinator of media services, has been named TRiO assistant director. Cliborn assumed his new duties Oct. 1 and replaces Rosa Hopkins who resigned in August.

Cliborn spent his first day setting up his office, reviewing student files to check on transfer status and meeting TRiO students.

He has worked at KC for 15 years and has previously worked in the student development field. While working on his undergraduate degree, he worked in residential life, student activities, counseling and testing at Tyler Junior College.

Before becoming assistant director he often volunteered with TRiO.

“I have witnessed how effective the program is at assisting first-generation college students, students who meet low income and students with disabilities succeed in college,” he said.

He has always wanted to return to the student development field and having this position allows him the opportunity.

“I want to be a positive role model for our students. I want our students to know that I will do my best to help them succeed and transfer to a four-year school,” Cliborn said. “I feel that my previous experience and technical knowledge will help us look at new ways to assist our students and bring them new learning opportunities.”

Other members of the TRiO staff are Bindy Tice, director; Nicole Nicholas, TRiO Lab administrative assistant; Heidi Everett, TRiO office administrative assistant and KC TRiO Club sponsor; and Tracey Maples, learning specialist.

Students who would like to apply for TRiO can stop by the Student Support Building, Room 123. For questions concerning qualification, call  903-988-7590.

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