Cycling class offering new spin on exercise

Randi Vinson-Davis / THE FLARE || Cycling students work up a sweat in the Parks Fitness Center’s new spin studio.

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Parks Fitness Center is offering a new cycling class.

The class is located beside the racquetball courts and before entering the gym area.

The cycling classes are offered to the public noon and 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays and noon Thursdays. The class is taught by two certified trainers, Cheri Sacco and Bobbie Vowell who is also a personal trainer.

The room is dark, and music is played from a speaker connected to the instructor’s phone. The music sets the tone for the next two or three minutes. If the song is upbeat and fast, cyclists go faster, and if the song is slow, it is a cool down time.

“Music is motivating and it is fun,” Vowell said. “If it is your favorite song, it pushes you.”

All of the bikes were purchased by the fitness center. Each has a knob that changes resistance level, making riders feel like they are either climbing a hill or going for an easy ride.

“We hope to add more bikes to the room in the near future and further down the road a big screen for virtual rides,” said Wendy Brown, kinesiology chair and manager of Parks Fitness Center.

The class is an all-around cardiovascular workout that also works your core and legs.

Participants are asked to sign in at the door so the fitness center can keep up with attendance to determine if there is enough interest to continue the class.

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