Take a walk on the East Side

Many students are not aware of the abundant resources the college has available to them, mostly due to the fact that they are ill-informed. A seamless line of communication between the entire campus would help bring valuable information to students. There seems to be a disconnect, a lack of awareness keeping students from making the effort to visit both sides of campus.The bridge crossing Henderson Boulevard was opened on April 28, 1970, in order to connect the two sides of campus and to provide easier, safer access.

Decades later, the bridge seems to have become the cause of a great divide between the east and west sides of campus.

Many times during orientation tours, prospective students and their families are given an extensive tour of the west side of campus yet only a brief description of the east side. Walking across the bridge is not always a part of the tour. Often there is no in-depth explanation of programs offered or location of buildings.

Many students complain about how long and how inconvenient it is to cross the bridge. On a pretend tour, we started on the west side of campus at the base of the bridge beside Old Main. We walked across the bridge to the east side, pointed out the  Porter Business Administration Building, walked through the Turk Fine Arts Center, the Communication – Automotive Building, the Technical Vocation Building, through the Whitten Applied Technology Center and walked back across the bridge. The tour took 10 minutes and two seconds. We viewed art and photography exibits and saw program displays.

We polled 145 students asking them if they had ever been on a KC tour that crossed the bridge and focused on the east side of campus. Seventy-five percent answered no and 25 percent answered yes.

Unless students are enrolled in a specialized program or core class (such as art or music appreciation, BCIS or speech) many have no reason or see no need to cross the bridge. But for students not to take the time to explore the east side is to cheat themselves.

The college has an extensive number of programs located in the departments on the east side. Programs include art, associate  degree nursing, automotive technology, business management, choir, communications, computer science, corrosion technology, drafting design technology, early childhood education, economics, English for speakers of other languages, graphic art, legal assisting, music, opera, photography, physical therapist assistant program, piano, process technology and petroleum specialty, radiologic science, speech, surgical technology, theatre and welding technology.

We encourage students to get more involved in their education and explore a part of the campus that may be unfamiliar to them. No matter your classification, it is best to ask questions, take the initiative and get involved in your college experience.

Walk across the bridge, explore, talk to people; see what KC has to offer.

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