Student life assistant director seeks special student section at games

There is nothing in college sports like the home-field advantage. A loud crowd can definitely make the difference in a game.

While the atmosphere of the stadium is based on all of the fans, it all starts with the student section and KC needs your help to create one.

“Rowdy Rangers,” a name suggested by Ross Costanzo, assistant director of student life, is the first step to creating the student section we should have.

Student sections have become a global phenomenon among college athletics and we think that this is just what KC needs as our athletes continue racking up victories this season.

Becoming a “Rowdy Ranger” would include T-shirts, posters, towels, local business discounts and special seating at sporting events. All proceeds would go back into student life in order to provide other activities and equipment for students.

We believe the fans are just as important as the players on the field and we proudly support Costanzo’s attempt to involve our students.

No one is asking for this to be the greatest student section of all time, but it can go a long way toward establishing an identity where the “Rowdy Rangers” could start their own tradition.

A student section is an important part of a school’s fan base and a significant contributor to home advantage.

The “Rowdy Rangers” can help ensure a game is the centerpiece of a fun, positive atmosphere for our students.

We have three weeks to get organized, while the Rangers are on the road.

Contact Costanzo at 903-988-7504 or to participate.

Remember, showing up to the game is an important and strangely overlooked first step.

The next home game happens to be Homecoming on Oct. 20. What better way to start the “Rowdy Rangers” than on such a special occasion.

So come early, wear blue, be loud and help us support our KC Rangers.

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