Student development VP Mike Jenkins receives leadership award from Texas Association of Community Colleges

Ashley Morales
Staff Writer

Dr. Mike Jenkins, vice president of student development, received the Carl M. Nelson Administrative Leadership Award from the Texas Association of Community Colleges at its annual conference in Galveston.

The award was established in 2003 in memory of Carl M. Nelson, who was president of Texarkana College and assisted dozens of others as they accepted their leadership positions in community colleges across Texas.

The honor celebrates the importance of administrative leadership in Texas Community Colleges by recognizing a vice president or dean who has demonstrated his/her outstanding leadership qualities in one of its 50 community college districts.

To receive the award, a nominee must have displayed leadership qualities and traits which are related to the success in community college presidents. They include:

  • Understanding of and commitment to the mission of the comprehensive community college
  • Demonstrated support for student learning and success
  • Ability to develop broad-based perspectives
  • Capacity to develop effective, collegial working relationships with faculty and staff
  • Character traits typically associated with effective leadership (e.g., honesty, integrity, compassion, sense of fairness and equity)
  • Demonstrated involvement in community-oriented activities outside the college
  • Support for and personal engagement in professional development activities

Dr. Bill Holda, KC president, nominated Jenkins for the award. There also had to be a letter of recommendation from a KC faculty member, a letter from one of Jenkins’ staff members, as well as a letter from someone in the community that is not employed by KC.

“Dr. Mike Jenkins was selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants for this award. The selection committee was impressed not only with the breadth of his experience and contribution to the community college environment, but also with the depth of his community service and servant leadership,” Holda said. “He is very deserving and is a credit to Kilgore College and to the community colleges in Texas.”

At the conference Holda was able to present the award to Jenkins.

“He’s kind of my mentor so it was nice that he was there. He read some of the things that were written in the letters which was nice and a little embarrassing. But it was nice,” Jenkins said. “It was one of those things that I felt humbled that Dr. Holda would nominate me from KC. We have a lot of fantastic administrators here, and for him to choose me, it was a nice acknowledgement of the efforts that I put in.”

At the conference Jenkins was able to meet with all the college presidents from around the state. Jenkins began work at KC in 1991 and has served as vice president of student development since 2008.

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