Ringing in the new year

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Lauren LaBoyteaux / THE FLARE || Ranger Softball players show off their conference championship rings. Players are (from left) Heather Bunn, Kara Sutton, Tricia Hock, Destiny Renegar, Capria Howell, Jessica Simon and Betsy Woodall. The women earned their rings by winning the Region XIV Conference for Texarkana College. Now the women are on KC’s inaugural softball team.

KC is home to seven softball conference champions: Heather Bunn, Tricia Hock, Capria Howell, Destiny Renegar, Jessica Simon, Kara Sutton and Betsy Woodall.

The conference title is bestowed on the team with the best record.

When her team from Texarkana College clinched the conference champion title, it was a one of the most satisfying wins for head coach Leslie Messina.

“We won the conference title knowing that it was going to be the last Texarkana College Softball Team and that made it special,” Messina said.

The players and Messina were pleased with the outcome of their last season at TC.

“It was a successful point in the season. We came through with what we wanted to accomplish,” said Heather Bunn, Hugo, Okla., sophomore.

Messina and the players who came with her to KC got to leave a legacy at TC and now get to start a new one at KC.

“It’s another challenge,” said Tricia Hock, Brazoria sophomore. “It was a challenge for us to win conference last year knowing that it was our last season at TC, but it’s like, let’s do it again–our first year at KC.”

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