Potential for growth in college reaches beyond classroom

Co-Executive Editor

College is a unique time of life, full of new experiences and new people.

If you had asked me two years ago what I would be doing now, I might have shrugged my shoulders and told you I had no idea.

I am so thankful for my first year at KC. Aside from the book and classroom knowledge I gained, I learned a lot about life.

What have I learned? Here is some advice for incoming college freshmen based on what I gleaned from the past year.

Intentionally discover what you really love. Figure out your personal style, your biggest dreams, how you communicate, what refreshes you and how you handle conflict. Learn these things, grab hold of the best and be willing to work hard to change what you aren’t satisfied with.

I was skeptical about coming to KC because I had been surrounded by people’s opinions of the college for so long. I passed “Harvard on the highway” every day, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, but I thought my college career needed to be far from East Texas.

As the editor of my high school newspaper, my heart was pulled into the world of journalism and that is where I discovered The Flare, my new passion in life.

It’s been said that college is supposed to be one of the best times of our lives and I’m finally starting to see why. This freedom that initially scared me has now turned into one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

College has been and continues to be a whole new, exciting beginning for me as a writer, student and young adult. I now understand that with this new freedom I am able to grow and explore different interests and different opportunities.

It has become such a cliche, but the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” has proved itself all too true. College has been a great time to make new connections, so I encourage others to take advantage of every opportunity.

As I begin my sophomore year, I have begun to appreciate the school and all it has to offer. I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience so far. It’s already been filled with ups and downs and I can’t wait for more.

After all, KC is really what you make of it.

Ashton Johnson is a sophomore communications major from Kilgore.

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