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Did you do it? Yes, a newspaper clipping of the voter registration form above is valid. However, time is running out.

The countdown continues to the Nov. 6 presidential election with 19 days left to register.

The registration deadline is Oct. 9.

To register to vote, one must fill out a voter registration application form.

Registration can be completed in person or by mail by obtaining an application from a county voter registrar’s office.

In most Texas counties, the Tax Assessor-Collector is also the Voter Registrar. In some counties, the County Clerk or Elections Administrator registers voters.

A complete listing of all Texas counties is available on the Secretary of State website, www.votetexas.gov.ww The list can be found by clicking on the FAQ box in the upper right hand corner. The third question under that tab leads to a link listing all county voter registration officials with their office phone numbers and addresses. Residents in surrounding counties will need to mail their forms to their specific county’s registrar’s office.

Students who live on campus have two options.

“Option one: They can register to vote in Gregg County and vote in Gregg County because they live here now. They would vote in person, not by mail,” said Kathryn Nealy, elections administrator.

“Option two: If they want to stay registered back at their home address, they would call their home address to get a ballot from their home (county). They would vote by mail.”

A limited amount of registration forms are available on campus in The Flare office in the Communications/Automotive Building, Room 125. There is also a link to an online form on the Gregg County website, www.co.gregg.tx.us. Click on departments, election administration, then news and a link to the online application will appear under voter registration application. This link goes to the Secretary of State’s website where online instructions are available.

“Even though the deadline is Oct. 9 that still means it (voter registration form) has to be in my office by Oct. 9,” Nealy said.

Nealy suggests mailing the form no later than Oct. 6.

Those who miss the mailing deadline can still stop by Nealy’s office at the Gregg County Courthouse: 101 E. Methvin, 1st floor, Room 112, Longview, Texas, or their hometown registrar’s office on Oct. 9 and fill out a form in person.

“They can certainly come in that day (and fill out a form.) They just can’t mail it in that day,” Nealy said.

Voter registration cards arrive by mail.

“It usually takes two to three days before they get their voter certificate,” Nealy said.

When voters go to the polls to vote, they will need to bring their voter certificates with them as proof of registration. Anyone who loses a card, can request a new one from the registrar in his county.

Gregg County residents can mail their form to Nealy’s office at Gregg County Elections, P.O. box 2827, Longview, Texas 75606.

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