Dairy queens; Rangerettes chosen to promote dairy in region

KRIS DOBBINS / THE FLARE || Sophomore Rangerette Stephanie Arino shows off Southwest Dairy Farmer promotional growth chart which is part of the group’s marketing campaign using the ‘Rettes to promote dairy products. Arino was photographed for the chart.

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The world-renowned Rangerettes have partnered with Southwest Dairy Farmers in their promotion to encourage young women to include dairy in their everyday diet.

“The sponsorship from Southwest Dairy Farmers is an amazing opportunity because we learned so much about the benefits of chocolate milk, how it helps our bodies, as well as how we can spread the word for them,” said Rangerette Captain Stephanie Aumiller.

Southwest Dairy Farmers is a group of dairy farmers from Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Since 2010, the company’s message to individuals and athletes is to utilize low-fat dairy products not only to replenish one’s body after a strenuous workout, but to enjoy dairy to supply the proper nutrients healthy bodies need.

“We had a connection with a Rangerette’s father who actually works for Southwest Dairy Farmers,” said Rangerette Director Dana Blair. “He told us they were always looking for athletes to do promotional work and he thought we could appeal to young female athletes.”

The Rangerettes were given $15,000 that will help with travel and Revels in the spring.

The marketing partnership includes billboards, backpacks and posters illustrating how the dance industry supports dairy nutrition.

“I am honored that the Rangerette organization chose me to be their representation,”  said sophomore Stephanie Arino. “I can’t believe how big of an opportunity it is and hopefully it spreads the education of milk in a fun and relatable kind of way.”

KRIS DOBBINS / THE FLARE || Doug Crain films the Rangerettes practicing their famous high-kick performance before the football game Saturday. The footage will be used in a promotional video for the Southwest Dairy Farmers.

A billboard promoting the partnership between the Rangerettes and Southwest Dairy Farmers will be placed at the State Fair of Texas and then moved to Cowboy Stadium for the Cotton Bowl.

“We are going to have some girls at the State Fair with the Southwest Dairy Farmers booth in a few weeks,” Blair said. “It is a great opportunity to promote not only the milk, but the Rangerette organization as well.”

On Saturday, the Rangerettes participated in an all-day filming of a promotional video for the Southwest Dairy Farmers.

“Being interviewed on camera was different than I expected because we got asked so many questions about Rangerettes in general and about dairy products,” Aumiller said. “Being on camera all day was surreal.”

The day consisted of practices, interviews and a recreation of Rangerette mini camp.

“There was one point where the camera was right in front of my face, but I just tried to pretend it wasn’t there,” Aumiller said. “It was all so much fun though.”

The Rangerettes will be traveling to each of their hometowns to speak to young women about the importance of dairy in a person’s everyday diet.

“We calculated it and we are expected to reach about 6,000 people,” Aumiller said.

Southwest Dairy Farmers says they are excited to partner with the “gold standard” of college drill teams to highlight low-fat dairy products and stress the importance of milk’s nutrients for young women.

KRIS DOBBINS / THE FLARE || Make-up artist Amber Lynne from Dallas touches up sophomore Rangerette Caitlyn Glorioso’s make-up before an interview.

“They’re giving us the materials and it is our turn to go out and promote their product,” Blair said. “It is just a feather in our hats.”

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