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Shelbi Crews / THE FLARE || ARAMARK employee Sandra Gill serves a student in the renovated KC Sports Grill. The grill features new items, new prices and new decorations along with a new name.

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The KC Ranger Café and Center Court Cafe took on a new look this past summer. Permanent serving stations were added to the residential dining area of the Ranger Cafe. New decorum and vendors were also included in the renovations of Center Court.

After the success of the temporary grill and pizza stations in the residential dining area at the garden arches with easy setup, the Café received approval for the stations to become permanent. “We always had the stations kind of out there, but they were temporary,” said Gary Crouch, food service director. “When we saw that it was a success we worked with the school to have them permanent locations.”

Center Court not only changed in physical appearance but the name of the cafe changed to the KC Sports Grill.

“We gave it a new facelift,” Crouch said. “In my eyes Center Court always said basketball but we wanted something that would bring everybody together.”

Before the renovations, all that lined the walls were a couple of photos, a few tables, chairs and some shelves.

“Pretty much all we had was two chip racks, a cereal rack and we had just maybe one more rack…it was very minimal,” said Patrick Alexander, assistant food director.

The walls are now covered with KC sports memorabilia. TVs and more tables have also been added to create a sports-oriented look.

The hours of the Ranger Café and the KC Sports Grill are still the same, however some of the prices have decreased.

“Some prices of our candy bars and items have gone down, some of our chips have gone down,” Crouch said. “Being able to bring in a larger variety of items we were able to decrease some of the cost of the overall value.”

The Ranger Café is open to students, faculty, staff and any KC visitors.

The Ranger Cafe and KC Sports Grill accept cash, debit cards (including the Ranger Card), credit cards, Ranger Bucks and punch cards.

“We take all the standard forms of tender,” Crouch said.

Punch cards are available to any person desiring to dine in the cafe.

“You either buy five or 10 meals ahead of time and you get them at a discounted rate,” Alexander said.

The punch cards never expire but if lost are non-refundable.

Located inside the Ranger Cafe and KC Sports Grill is a barcode that can be scanned from a mobile device using a barcode scanner.

This barcode links to the Ranger Cafe Facebook page, allowing students to keep up with new changes.

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