Moving ahead, but never forgetting

Executive Editor

Have you ever noticed how after you choose your seat in class, you become very territorial of that little plastic chair? Well, I have.

Like it or not, we are all creatures of habit. We have our specific routines that we instinctively follow and we don’t like it when our patterns are altered. Unfortunately, they say “change is inevitable.” With graduation just two weeks away, I am doing everything not to listen.

Two years ago, I had no idea what I would be doing with my life. Yes, I knew I would be in college, but where and studying what was the question. Thankfully, I didn’t need to have a plan because God already did.
It was a typical August day, the sun was high and the breeze was faint. I was nervous for my first day of college and I had no idea what to expect. My 9 o’clock class went well, but when my 10 o’clock Reporting I class started, God winked.

Standing in front of about 15 wide-eyed students, journalism instructor Bettye Craddock introduced me to the college’s newspaper, The Flare, and since then my life has not been the same.

Since my first reporting class, I have been immersed in journalism and The Flare.

Writing, photographing, editing and designing for The Flare these past two years has been nothing short of a blessing. Advisers O. Rufus Lovett and Bettye Craddock have influenced my life in more ways than I can express.

Rufus’ humor, patience and love for photography inspire me never to take things for face value, but to always dig deeper, look at things from different perspectives and enjoy the simple beauty in the ordinary.

Craddock’s humble spirit, dedication, compassion and love encourage me to enjoy life’s stressful, crazy, exciting moments and everything in between. She has taught me to lead with grace and to always place others before myself.

I will forever cherish our crazy Wednesday Flare deadline nights when we realize it is midnight and we need to pack up and go home. I’ll never forget our trips to TIPA and TCCJA in the big white van listening to “Down by the Bay.” Remember, Mrs. Craddock, “No, you may not cry.” I know you say you are the blessed woman, but in my eyes you are the blessing.

As I close this chapter of my life, I want to thank my mom for her support. No matter how busy she is, she always takes time out of her day to help me with whatever problems I have. Her passion for journalism and her students is a daily reminder of why I want to become a teacher.

Thank you for always proofing my stories and challenging me to succeed. I know it was hard for you on Wednesdays when I couldn’t talk with you because of Flare deadlines, but you are truly my comfort in all situations. I love you so much.

Two years ago, I claimed my seat in Communications Automotive, Room 125. It was on the left side of the classroom second row from the front.

Now, I know I must leave the nest, but I will always remember that August day when I first became part of the Flare Family.

Kasi Dickerson is a sophomore communications/education major from Van.

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