‘Rock The Square’: The awesome life of a journalist

When the guard at the gate walked away, we made a run for it, opened the gate and snuck backstage. As we made our way to the tour bus, we kept in the shadows and out of sight from the police officers. Every time a guard or officer came near by, a surge of adrenaline […]

KC students affected by construction on campus

KC students were interviewed about their opinions of the construction going on around campus. Their answers reflect the many thoughts people have about the changes taking place. Below is a layout of the plans for the Lee Mall area of KC. It provides a glimpse of what the future central gathering spot of KC will […]

Patriotism shines bright

      America — one of the greatest countries in the world. Well, at least it used to feel like that. I don’t know what happened in the past few years where so many people have lost their American pride. It’s almost like everyone just decided to give up on the country that we […]

Kilgore Fall Film Festival brings independent cinema to East Texas

Kilgore’s 4 Star Cinema’s anual Fall Film Festival begins today and will run through Oct 1. A variety of independent features that did not receive a wide theatrical release in movie theaters will be shown. Mr. Holmes is directed by Bill Condon and stars acclaimed actor Ian McKellan. It is a crime/drama/mystery film that centers […]

KC’s Old Main Building evacuated following smell of gas in classrooms

The Old Main Building was evacuated shortly after the beginning of 10 a.m. classes today due to the odor of gas being detected in the building. KCPD Chief Heath Cariker spoke with The Flare and said it occurred when a valve was not properly released. Becky Johnson, dean of liberal and fine arts, evacuated her […]